STEALTH (2014)
Experimental Documentary, 17 minutes

By merging hidden camera footage from a patient’s hysterectomy, with interviews of the objects used in these procedures and spaces, STEALTH poignantly and humorously mobilizes ‘sousveillance’ to subvert the perspective of surveilling machinery. Through a triangulation of corporeal, medical and military technologies, STEALTH provocatively points to previously unexplored histories and relationships between inanimate objects and human bodies. STEALTH was made in collaboration with Alexis Mitchell and was generously funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Recent Exhibitions:

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival. San Francisco, CA.
New York University. New York, NY.
Depth of Field Screening at Cinecyle. Toronto, ON.
University of Toronto. Toronto, ON.
Bangalore Queer Film Festival. Bangalore, India.

Work-in-Progress Screening. University of Chicago. Chicago, IL.